Top 4 Design trends in 2018

As designers and creators of websites, it’s imperative to commit some time each year to take time off and understand the Design Trends that are beginning to affect the graphic design and web designing industry. Evaluating the layout styles, content arrangement patterns and latest industry that have turned out to be noticeable and impact worthy for the businesses which use them.

The Graphic and web design industry is an ever changing entity and it is extremely vital to keep track of all the user trends and new design tools and terminologies. To be an efficient designer you need to be updated with latest trends in the designing ecosystem. The graphic design community is widely spread throughout the world and hence it is troublesome to keep record of changes and trends from so many different websites and forums on the Internet where regular updates are made.

To make this procedure , we have compiled list of Top 4 Design trends in 2018 –

  1. CONTENT LOOKS GREAT WITH CUSTOM ILLUSTRATIONS – Extraordinary web content needs incredible visuals to increase the visibility of websites, and nowadays, there is abundance of great images and videos which are used along with content. It’s nice to see that the times of low quality or out of context stock pictures are over, with superb photography – whether sourced or unique – having their spot on websites.But in addition to using visuals to improve content reach, there has been a new and ongoing trend in the industry which is of integrating customized illustrations as it greatly helps in attracting visitors to the website or blog.
  2. LESS IS MORE – The smartphone usage has surely increased in recent times and with the larger part of users utilizing handheld gadgets, the trend is to use as less space as possible for displaying their content. While this has entirely not been a new idea in 2018, responsive design layouts have been the chosen standard for designing websites. New organizations comprehend the significance of being available to a potential client on a wide range of gadgets, and henceforth, they employ visual designers with express guidelines to make a company identity that is responsive over various devices, particularly handheld gadgets.
  3. INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE WITH THE USE OF CINEMAGRAPH – You may have seen those subtle looking, relatively easy to see moving images flooding the web. Cinemagraphs, are basically short recordings with a relatively static picture where the first and last frames are the same, making a non-stop movement which improves UX and lets the user feel more attached with the business and the services being offered to them.
  4. TYPOGRAPHY SHOULD EXPRESS COMPANY’S FEELINGS – The web and Internet changes so rapidly and frequently that website designers can scarcely keep up with every new thing happening in the market. What works for customers and gives them a sense of pleasure might change over time. So we need to stay aware of patterns, particularly with typography since it is so central to each and every project we undertake as graphic designers.

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