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Reasons why printed books are better than eBooks

As of late there has been an ongoing resurgence in reading, thanks in specific to eBooks and the openness that they have managed to provide to the readers around the world. Never again do we need to bear the extra weight of cumbersome books which tend to wear and tear and only have a restricted number of text to read in them.

E-Books and eBook reading devices enable anybody to carry several books with them in the back pocket or comfortably tucked somewhere in a jacket all inside a gadget which only weighs a couple of hundred grams. It’s without a doubt better than the obsolete medium of physical books, Correct? This consideration is totally Off-base. In 2017, physical books deals outperformed eBook deals and the pattern hints at no stopping in the near future. However, for what exacts reason is this happening? Underneath we’ll investigate a portion of the plausible reasons which are there.

Here given are reasons why printed books are better than eBooks – 

  1. They double up as Great portfolios – This may seem like a bizarre use for a physical book, however for some designers and creators looking to exhibit their gifts and talents, books are frequently a road to get this going. While numerous designers are more inclined towards online portfolios, physical form of the portfolio acts as a great source to portray your true potential.
  2. Reading Comprehension is higher in physical books – Analysts found that readers who utilized iPads appreciated less of what they read than the individuals who read printed books. The purpose behind this is a few people scan quickly through the content for the intuitive highlights inside the eBooks, implying that the individuals who adhered to conventional physical printed books were less distracted from reading.
  3. Real books are always better as a gift option – Gifting somebody an eBook may appear like a decent gesture, however it’s the kind of gift that you could never have the capacity to unwrap. The weight, the surface, the scent of a physical book are largely characteristics that make unwrapping a gift an outright bliss. Hence, physical books will always tend to be superior to eBooks with regards to being given as a gift.
  4. Print books act as reminders of people or journeys – A e-book reading device can never take the place or even attain the stature which physical printed books have among readers, as printed books take us back to old times and make us remember about people with whom we had shared the book.

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